Welcome to Starseed Homepage. This blog is aimed at you, the awakening Starseed, who may be feeling overwhelmed at what is happening and be looking for information that will clarify what needs to be done and who can help. The Starseed journey is one of increasing activation of your light codes and this can happen in many ways. Person to person contact, an intriguing article or even one word. For me the word ‘Arcturian’ opened the universe to me. My aim is to point you in directions that will help this process. The topics to be covered in these blogs are:

  • The latest news of interest to Starseeds with comments
  • Helpful articles on the most important topics for Starseeds to learn and understand on the way to full galactic awareness
  • Reviews of books, videos and other sites that will assist you find your own path

There is also a growing library of links to start you off.

Please feel free to offer genuine comments and feedback. I will respond to all of them.

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