Patty cropped 2014 (2)Patty French has been a light worker for more than 40 years and is a spokesperson for the Galactic Guidance Team a group of highly evolved beings from a number of parts of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. They include beings from Arcturus the Pleiades, Sirius, Antares, Lyra and others less well known and who may not even be named. Her role here on Earth is to mentor and assist those who are awakening to their roles as co-creators here on the New Earth.  As the energies increase in intensity it is more than ever important that those who are awakening know and understand what they need to do to be effective in their divine purpose.

At present she is writing books of Guidance with the help of the Galactic Guidance Team. She is also available for one on one sessions where the relevant members of the Team will step forward to offer you personal guidance and support. See more here

Her first Ebook “Step Up Into Your Starseed Shoes – a Short Guide for Starseeds” is available here. 

Her latest Ebook “Walking the Path of Light – Becoming a Co-Creator” is available here.

You can contact her here



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  1. Hi Patty, I wanted to ask you how you know that the beings you channel are on fact who they say they are? Also how do you know your galactic origins, for sure? The main reason I ask, is that I too was told in my late teens that I was a starseed and have asked my higher being since ( I am now 45 ) to show me if this is the case and connect me with my star lineage. This to date, has never happened and instead I have been on a dedicated path of spiritual learning , healing and physical purification that has led me to feel that maybe the starseed notion is a sort of luciferian psy op- for want of a better phrase. After studying many esoteric groups like the Gnostics, Druids, Rosicrucians and others, I came to realise that they all warned of false light beings that would misguide many and feel like this whole starseed path is a new upgraded sort of New Age programme with an end game that is not really in our interests. So, that is why I ask you again – how do you know that the beings you deal with are who they say they are?

    Thank You for your consideration!

    Jean Marie

    • Thank you so much Jean Marie for this comment. It raises deep and important questions for all of us and that I have asked myself many times. These questions will be the subject of my next blog.
      Love and light

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