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Patty is a starseed dedicated to help other starseeds activate their missions here on Gaia and make sense of their journey into the light. She has been awakened for many years and has a wide knowledge about spirituality as well as the galactic journey. Take time to have a chat with her. Create a sacred 5th dimensional space together.

Hello from the Galactic Guidance Team

Greetings ths-2005-12-e-full_tif(1)o you all dear ones. We have been very busy working with Patty to ensure she is fully downloaded with all the higher energies she needs to be of assistance to all beings who are awakening or are themsleves transitioning into the fullness of their authentic selves. We chose her because she has the gift of keeping things simple. She has connections through her own multi-dimensional selves to the pure clear energies of the highest realms, beyond the lower worlds of form and can translate these into simple but profound information to assist you and uplift you on your path. She also has the power of her voice by way of sacred tones and light language to facilitate the transmutation of your DNA which has been corrupted through the many eons of inteference and mainuplation by those with other agendas than ours. We are beings of the light, the pure organic light from the highest level of Creation.

We are very happy to introduce this new phase of Patty’s service which begins with the release of our book “Walking the Path of Light – Becoming a Co-Creator” which can be found here on this site. This is itself a co- creation and we think it wiil be of assistance to you. At the same time we are creating many other blogs to be released here and on our exciting new site – but that is another story. These are quite new in style and format and each deals with a topic of critical important to you all at this time. The first of these will follow very soon.

There is much talk about us – the ET’s ( we do not like this name as we prefer to be called star beings but know some call us by this title). For we are not Extra but Intra-Terrestials. We are you dear ones. We are the mostly unrecognised aspects of yourselves co-existing with you in time and space and in other dimensions.

We announce our presence each time you have an emergent or creative impulse that seemingly comes from nowhere but creates an enhanced awareness or a new high frequency creation. Your innovators and entrepreneurs tap into our awareness on an almost daily basis – as indeed do each of you.

Until the next time we meet – remember you are loved.

From the Galactic Guidance Team



How do you know the Galactic Beings are who they say they are? A personal response to a readers question.

PIA12151This week I had a comment on my website asking for my personal response to the following question

“I wanted to ask you how do you know that the beings you channel are in fact who they say they are? Could they be false light beings? Also how do you know your galactic origins for sure?” .

As I felt this is a genuine and important matter to discuss I offer my own personal response.
I am not a trance channel but like other every human being I am a multidimensional and magnificent being of divine origin. Some aspects of my multi-dimensional self are of galactic origin and through them, like anyone else, when my connection is active, I am able to receive unlimited wisdom. Like many other Starseeds and Lightworkers I am aware of this fact.
How do I know this is all real? Please read on…
This is difficult to describe in 3rd dimensional terms within the duality consciousness that is characteristic of the 3rd dimension. It is my absolute belief that many people if not everyone incarnated on Earth and on a conscious spiritual path at this time are receiving multi-dimensional messages including from galactic beings but as their self concept does not stretch this far and their vibrational level is not high enough, they remain unconscious of the truth of who they really are.
Using the term Starseeds also complicates the picture as science has now agreed that there are extraterrestrial elements present in our DNA. So from this perspective we are all Starseeds. Where I do feel the term is useful is to describe those people who have a deep and irrefutable CONSCIOUS conviction that they are here from somewhere else and they have an important mission to fulfil. This feeling may or may not be supported by visions, messages, direct encounters, major life changes etc. Or it may be an unshakeable inner knowing without any visible external signs.
Certain astrological configurations have been located repeatedly in the charts of Starseeds (more info here). Starseeds tend to recognise each other, sometimes feeling profound family connections that may trigger past-life memories of being together both off the planet and in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, France, North or South America and many other places on the planet.
In working one on one with Starseeds it is very clear to me that if we all redefine ourselves in terms of the marvelous complex beings of light we really are such conversations as this would not need to take place. Most people I have met in through private sessions are only one step from full awareness of who they are. Some time ago in an important message from the Arcturians about this was channelled by a highly respected Arcturian channel Dr Suzanne Lie. The main premise is that we humans need to reset our point of perception in the 5th dimension so we consciously see ourselves as we are. (connect to Dr Lie’s site here).
The other point here is that once a person has cleared themselves of lower energetic patterns and blockages the level of light that can be held increases markedly. Contact can only be made with higher beings once a person’s ‘light quotient’ or light content within their light bodies is high enough. Higher beings have a limited ability come down into the 3rd dimensional density to meet us we must rise to meet them.
How do I know the beings are in fact who they say they are?
I have received direct ‘contact’ from Arcturians and Pleiadians. I am also regularly in contact with my Higher Self and often other higher beings including Ascended Masters Archangels and beings from Sirius and Lyra are present too as a team or group consciousness. This is an evolving process for me and I take great care not to make claims I cannot prove. What is important to me is the energy present (see below)
With the Arcturians and Pleiadians, for example I can say with certainty, that they each have a completely different frequency and every encounter is completely filled with love, encouragement practicality and wisdom. Each of them has provided assistance to me in different ways. The Arcturians are family members from my last incarnation and have spent many years at my side assisting me with shadow work, major life events and bringing forth my gifts. They have been seen by those with the gift to do so and felt by me as a strong and loving presence. I have faithfully documented these encounters and they will form another book. They wait to be invited as they scrupulously respect the universal rules about non-intervention and our free will. They long ago asked me to write for Starseeds to assist and support their awakening and I have done this with the direct assistance of the Pleiadians.
The Pleiadians are the orchestrators of many programs, bloodlines, experiments and projects on the planet. They have been helping me to implement my own work and gathera people they want to work with directly. They are closest in form to us and understand completely what it is like to be working towards Ascension with a human body. They are very wise, warm, fun loving and completely supportive.
Although I have separated my descriptions of the Arcturians and Pleidians I experience them now as part of a merged consciousness the name of which has been given to me recently as my Galactic Guidance Team whose membership varies according to the task at hand.
How do I know they are not ‘false light beings’?
• Every encounter is for my highest good and that of the people I work with.
• Love floods every moment they are present.
• They have an encyclopaedic knowledge of what is needed to facilitate the building of the New Earth and what I need to do to fulfil my special role.
• They never interfere but allow me to make my own mistakes and learn from them.
• They always bring a higher view of whatever is going on.
• There is never any hint of any other ‘agenda’ at play, but only the sense that there is a huge picture we are only barely aware of but growing into.
• When I am working in a private session they come out clearly and always provide positive insights and support to the client.
• They have given me a template to work with that creates a safe and loving environment.
• Everything they tell me works. They have also been very specific about the kind of work they will/will not do for example no ‘psychic readings’. The reason they give for this is that people need to take personal responsibility in every moment and it is dis-empowering to ask what to do about everyday challenges. (This can in itself be a challenge for me to explain!).
• There is never one moment of feeling manipulated or managed, just loved and supported.
• When I do not feel them present it is either because my vibrational level has dropped or I have not invited them to come in or both. I am not a seer but feel their presence acutely.
What do I think about the notions of “false light beings, luciferian psy-ops and upgraded New Age programmes”?
There has always been interference by the dark forces including false light beings and that certainly many unsuspecting people have been taken in. In the energies of the New Earth since 21/12/12 this will wane as more people become empowered enough to move beyond dark energy into the 5th dimension. The continuing and apparent darkness on the Earth can also be viewed as the final outplay as the darkness is cleared. Personally I do not give my attention to the dark forces (as drawing attention to them will empower them) but maintain informed detachment from their influence, and remain in the light as much as I can.
The most important lessons in this context for anyone on a spiritual path are protection, discernment, grounding and self empowerment. You will find more on these and other relevant topics in my Ebook “Step Up Into Your Starseed Shoes”. You can find it Here. The more a person resolves their own shadow self issues the more they can discern and feel anything that it not truth or in divine order. We have our own infallible internal systems that starting with checking them out from within the wisdom of our own heart. Look from your heart at the outcomes and output of a person or group “By their fruits shall you know them”.

“Keep it Simple Starseeds” – The Pleiadians on Disclosure


Dear ones we are your brothers and sisters of the Pleiadian Council of Light and we wish to give you a simple perspective on what you call disclosure as this is a very current topic both on your planet and for the Starseeds. We are all delighted to see that the truth is now coming out in relation to the contact between the Galactic councils of all kinds from many dimensions and the beings of Terra (Earth)

It is long overdue to bring forth this information into the public domain of your societies. Dear ones this is only the beginning of a long road. There are still many active forces within Earth which will try to hijack and commercialise our presence and our many technologies to a whole new level. There was a message in your media yesterday where a multinational company is trying to patent a seed of a plant considered a weed in many parts of the world (Nestle and fennel seed – Nigella Sativa). Imagine the potential for exploitation that will exist once we become perceived as public property. This is but one example of an enormous potential for new challenges.

We have of course anticipated this potential. This is why we have planted our own seeds – the Starseeds who have the galactic DNA in their earth bodies and their love for us deep in their hearts. We have been disclosing our higher knowledge and awareness through human consciousness for a very long time into your thinkers and scientists from all fields of human activity. The movement of their work into the mainstream has now progressed from a trickle through a flow that will become a raging torrent in the near future.

You will see now why it is so important that you, the Starseeds step up into your role of assisting in the activation of the millions of other Starseed beings on your planet. Many of these hold the keys to the implementation of the next steps in your divine co-creation of the New Earth.

Each of you has a unique role to play and as you integrate your higher bodies with your multi-dimensional selves you become a conduit for the higher levels of light particles from the galactic centre. Thus your presence in your societies undertaking your own work whatever that maybe will assist the activation of your brothers and sisters. This process can quickly become viral as it also affects those they are connected to.

Remember too that what is happening to you all is very complex and not able to be understood within the third dimensional paradigm of separation consciousness that governs your world. This is why we encourage you to learn to think with and from your heart where Unity Consciousness has an outpost. In this way you can remain in the space of the simplicity of the Truth that all is well and in divine order.

Breathe in the light and love of the Creator with every breath you take and remember that WE ARE ALL ONE now and forever.

Adonai dearly beloved souls.

 The Pleidian Council of Light



Mary Rodwell – Disclosure is now happening via consciousness.

Mary Rodwell provides an update on the New Humans in this recent update to her original interview – see Starseed Home Page 2013 on Facebook for this. She explains how our star families are now having a positive influence on our evolution communicating via consciousness. She talks about DNA changes seen in many of our children, alternate dimensions and universes, portals and stargates.


Mary Rodwell is the Founder and Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN). ACERN offers professional counseling support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families who have ‘anomalous’ paranormal experiences, particularly abduction/contact experiences. Mary is recognized as one of Australia’s leading researchers in the UFO and contact phenomenon. She is also Vice-President of Star Kids Project Ltd. Advisory Committee.

In addition, Mary is the author of “Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life” and the producer of the EBE award winning documentaries “Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint?” and “Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint?”


Grounding and the Process of Co-Creation – a Message from the Pleiadians 8th April 2013

Grounding and the process of Co-Creation – a Message from the Pleidians 8th April 2013

Dearly beloved we are honoured to be here today to address this very important issue for Starseeds. As a Starseed you are increasingly connected to higher and higher frequencies and complexity of light energy. Dear ones it is now even more important that you ground this light through your entire chakra system and down through your physical and light bodies through your grounding cord beneath your feet and deep down into Mother Earth. Otherwise you will not be able to process this energy effectively and it will affect your ability to co-create here on Earth at this important time. Apart from the disappointment this may cause you there may be other effects;  for example a greater incidence of accidents, erratic and careless behaviour even causing serious injury  amongst Starseeds who may lose focus on their daily activities through not being grounded.

Many of you have experienced a power outage preventing your ability to connect and use your domestic tools effectively. Now this is obviously a mechanical 3rd dimensional experience but the principle is a universal one. Humans on Earth are like lightning conductors bringing the electrical current into the Earth. You conduct, transmute and anchor the energy through advanced energetic and electrical systems. The degree to which you are able do this effectively is governed by your own ability to hold light and this in turn is determined by your ability to be clear to hold the light.  The presence of residual aspects of the shadow self blocks the flow of energy which becomes like a flickering light. Now even when a person is working very hard to transmute this shadow, it is very straight forward, beloved souls, in that the current is not able to get through for whatever reason consistently and the message too may sometimes be disjointed and broken. This is the same with your radio transmissions, if the signal is not received clearly the full message will not get relayed.

As you are aware this is a huge subject and we have many more complicated ways of describing it to you but we are giving you a very simple explanation. This is in order that your Starseed audience whatever their level of experience can be clear about this message.

We return now to the topic of the higher energetic frequencies. As we said to you initially these have been increasing exponentially. This means by multiplication not addition of degrees of power, intensity and complexity. Almost on a daily basis your internal systems need to recalibrate to process very powerful and new frequencies as the transition to a crystalline structure takes place within your DNA and the subsequent adjustment to your other bodies.

Now you may be able to see where we are coming from in letting the Starseeds know that in order to be able to be clear to proceed they need to practice grounding on a regular basis.

Another important aspect dear ones, to understand about grounding is that the crystalline transmutation involves a tremendous upheaval within your systems and offers an explanation as to why people may feel more tired at this time. If you are fully grounded this gives your body an extra boost of energy that enables you to deal better with everything that is happening to you. The danger for you dear ones is that once you become lethargic and unable to rise in to your daily routines and processes that you need to do including grounding.

It can be seen that grounding has multiple and multi-dimensional effects on your system because it is part of the process by which you anchor the flow of love and light energy. In a similar way to the action of the tube torus, the energy comes in through the crown chakra. It then circulates  in a flowing pulsing process that mixes with your energy and is then grounded. If you are not properly grounded, this process will be limited in its effectiveness as it needs to have a conscious creative and personal engagement.

Each of you has a unique and very important energy configuration, you always were able to create your own reality but you are now co-creators in an expanded way because when you are working in the higher dimensions co-creation becomes the normal way of manifesting and dealing with energy. You are also a co-creator with beloved Gaia where the two energies become intermingled and create one aspect of the greater whole of the New Earth

Human beings are natural co-creators, the whole structure and design is set up for this. We Pleiadians carry this design and understand the processes of co-creation extremely well, in the simplest terms it is all to do with the blending of energy to achieve an outcome. The quality of the blending of the energy product, the outcome of the blending is governed by the quality of the input – is this not so?  Is this not true in every aspect of the world dear one?

So when a high quality input mixes with a higher frequency energy there is co-creation and it attracts the resonance of the higher frequency dimension.  As you know we beings who operate in the higher dimensions sometimes have difficulty in bringing our energy down to a level in which we can interact with human energy because of the densities involved. And it is not just the densities in the person themself, it is densities that are the product of energetic mixing from all sorts of places on the planet that you mix with from being a member of Earth society. Whether you like it or not you have these codes of the lower dimensional aspects of Earth.

So you need to be able to transcend these and join us in a common interface – this is a word that fits from your language – a place where we can mix and blend with you. Unless you are able to do that you will just be creating more of the originating signal of your lower vibrational codes from the Earth. The obvious example is that of separation consciousness. The duality of your world is formulated and built into the DNA it is deeply coded and before you every moment of your life as a law of the 3rd Dimension. Light and dark, up and down, day and night are all perceived as dual and opposite even though they are each aspects of the same thing. There is an endless list of confirmation in your life to demonstrate duality as the reigning paradigm on Earth.

However as you know duality is not the reigning paradigm in the higher dimensions from the 5th dimension onwards. So in order for you to be able to co-create with us in a way that reflects the higher dimensions as an outcome of the higher dimensions you must of course rise in yourselves into the energetic state where all is a unified whole, where all is one and where unity consciousness is the energetic paradigm from which the co-creation originates.

It is in the co-creations, the productions, the outcomes that the codes from which they originate become very clear.  As you move into a location within the 5th dimensional ascension process you have the flickering in and out of higher states we mentioned earlier. If you were indeed in the higher state in every moment of your day in your everyday life on Earth it would be difficult and at times extremely uncomfortable as you move in and out of the two levels of consciousness whether you like it or not. So you have to be masters of duality of a different kind where you can happily exist when required within the 3rd dimensional separation consciousness then be able to turn the switch to be with us and join us in the higher dimensions. In many of you of course this process has become automatic but this explanation may be of benefit to those who have more recently awakened in order to remind them that they need to be grounded to be able to engage in the process we describe without spinning out of control or focus.

We love you all unconditionally.



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This event in April 2013 has the potential to open up Disclosure to the world

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure being held at the US National Press Club in Washington in April -May 2013 has the potential to open the Disclosure box so wide the coverup will have to end. We look forward to hearing not only confirmation of the facts about the ongoing contact with our Galactic families but also the admission that reverse engineering has been occurring for years and that many positive life changing developments are in the wings. At least we can dream…….


Welcome to Starseed Homepage. This blog is aimed at you, the awakening Starseed, who may be feeling overwhelmed at what is happening and be looking for information that will clarify what needs to be done and who can help. The Starseed journey is one of increasing activation of your light codes and this can happen in many ways. Person to person contact, an intriguing article or even one word. For me the word ‘Arcturian’ opened the universe to me. My aim is to point you in directions that will help this process. The topics to be covered in these blogs are:

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