Why the cloudships? Just for fun and to remind us that our Galactic Families are never far away…

3 thoughts on “Cloudships

  1. So question i’ve seen clouds like this but not as defined as these are they still
    cloud ships. I recently was told from lavandar that i had 3 star seeds in my chart. On the 18th i’m getting a reading from her. I’ve been reading her ebook on 50 questions then heard about you on her blog talk radio. It’s at times still not all clear to me how to handle all of this i am getting a hand on it. Sometimes i wonder if i can go to fast with reading to much to quickly. I am a healer and been working with the light for 15 years. Also working through old stuff. Well i didn’t think all of this was gonna come out. But it did thank you Priya

    • Thanks for your comments Priya and for buying the Ebook. How exciting to find out your are a Starseed I agree it can be overwhelming at first. If you have any questions you think I can help with please do not hesitate to get in touch. Love and blessings Patty

    • Hi again Priya
      I did not answer you question about cloudships. Yes they may be less defined and are usually clear like this at dawn and dusk. However you can feel in your heart if it is truly a cloudship – after some practice you will know.
      Love and blessings

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