Grounding and the Process of Co-Creation – a Message from the Pleiadians 8th April 2013

Grounding and the process of Co-Creation – a Message from the Pleidians 8th April 2013

Dearly beloved we are honoured to be here today to address this very important issue for Starseeds. As a Starseed you are increasingly connected to higher and higher frequencies and complexity of light energy. Dear ones it is now even more important that you ground this light through your entire chakra system and down through your physical and light bodies through your grounding cord beneath your feet and deep down into Mother Earth. Otherwise you will not be able to process this energy effectively and it will affect your ability to co-create here on Earth at this important time. Apart from the disappointment this may cause you there may be other effects;  for example a greater incidence of accidents, erratic and careless behaviour even causing serious injury  amongst Starseeds who may lose focus on their daily activities through not being grounded.

Many of you have experienced a power outage preventing your ability to connect and use your domestic tools effectively. Now this is obviously a mechanical 3rd dimensional experience but the principle is a universal one. Humans on Earth are like lightning conductors bringing the electrical current into the Earth. You conduct, transmute and anchor the energy through advanced energetic and electrical systems. The degree to which you are able do this effectively is governed by your own ability to hold light and this in turn is determined by your ability to be clear to hold the light.  The presence of residual aspects of the shadow self blocks the flow of energy which becomes like a flickering light. Now even when a person is working very hard to transmute this shadow, it is very straight forward, beloved souls, in that the current is not able to get through for whatever reason consistently and the message too may sometimes be disjointed and broken. This is the same with your radio transmissions, if the signal is not received clearly the full message will not get relayed.

As you are aware this is a huge subject and we have many more complicated ways of describing it to you but we are giving you a very simple explanation. This is in order that your Starseed audience whatever their level of experience can be clear about this message.

We return now to the topic of the higher energetic frequencies. As we said to you initially these have been increasing exponentially. This means by multiplication not addition of degrees of power, intensity and complexity. Almost on a daily basis your internal systems need to recalibrate to process very powerful and new frequencies as the transition to a crystalline structure takes place within your DNA and the subsequent adjustment to your other bodies.

Now you may be able to see where we are coming from in letting the Starseeds know that in order to be able to be clear to proceed they need to practice grounding on a regular basis.

Another important aspect dear ones, to understand about grounding is that the crystalline transmutation involves a tremendous upheaval within your systems and offers an explanation as to why people may feel more tired at this time. If you are fully grounded this gives your body an extra boost of energy that enables you to deal better with everything that is happening to you. The danger for you dear ones is that once you become lethargic and unable to rise in to your daily routines and processes that you need to do including grounding.

It can be seen that grounding has multiple and multi-dimensional effects on your system because it is part of the process by which you anchor the flow of love and light energy. In a similar way to the action of the tube torus, the energy comes in through the crown chakra. It then circulates  in a flowing pulsing process that mixes with your energy and is then grounded. If you are not properly grounded, this process will be limited in its effectiveness as it needs to have a conscious creative and personal engagement.

Each of you has a unique and very important energy configuration, you always were able to create your own reality but you are now co-creators in an expanded way because when you are working in the higher dimensions co-creation becomes the normal way of manifesting and dealing with energy. You are also a co-creator with beloved Gaia where the two energies become intermingled and create one aspect of the greater whole of the New Earth

Human beings are natural co-creators, the whole structure and design is set up for this. We Pleiadians carry this design and understand the processes of co-creation extremely well, in the simplest terms it is all to do with the blending of energy to achieve an outcome. The quality of the blending of the energy product, the outcome of the blending is governed by the quality of the input – is this not so?  Is this not true in every aspect of the world dear one?

So when a high quality input mixes with a higher frequency energy there is co-creation and it attracts the resonance of the higher frequency dimension.  As you know we beings who operate in the higher dimensions sometimes have difficulty in bringing our energy down to a level in which we can interact with human energy because of the densities involved. And it is not just the densities in the person themself, it is densities that are the product of energetic mixing from all sorts of places on the planet that you mix with from being a member of Earth society. Whether you like it or not you have these codes of the lower dimensional aspects of Earth.

So you need to be able to transcend these and join us in a common interface – this is a word that fits from your language – a place where we can mix and blend with you. Unless you are able to do that you will just be creating more of the originating signal of your lower vibrational codes from the Earth. The obvious example is that of separation consciousness. The duality of your world is formulated and built into the DNA it is deeply coded and before you every moment of your life as a law of the 3rd Dimension. Light and dark, up and down, day and night are all perceived as dual and opposite even though they are each aspects of the same thing. There is an endless list of confirmation in your life to demonstrate duality as the reigning paradigm on Earth.

However as you know duality is not the reigning paradigm in the higher dimensions from the 5th dimension onwards. So in order for you to be able to co-create with us in a way that reflects the higher dimensions as an outcome of the higher dimensions you must of course rise in yourselves into the energetic state where all is a unified whole, where all is one and where unity consciousness is the energetic paradigm from which the co-creation originates.

It is in the co-creations, the productions, the outcomes that the codes from which they originate become very clear.  As you move into a location within the 5th dimensional ascension process you have the flickering in and out of higher states we mentioned earlier. If you were indeed in the higher state in every moment of your day in your everyday life on Earth it would be difficult and at times extremely uncomfortable as you move in and out of the two levels of consciousness whether you like it or not. So you have to be masters of duality of a different kind where you can happily exist when required within the 3rd dimensional separation consciousness then be able to turn the switch to be with us and join us in the higher dimensions. In many of you of course this process has become automatic but this explanation may be of benefit to those who have more recently awakened in order to remind them that they need to be grounded to be able to engage in the process we describe without spinning out of control or focus.

We love you all unconditionally.


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