Hello from the Galactic Guidance Team

Greetings ths-2005-12-e-full_tif(1)o you all dear ones. We have been very busy working with Patty to ensure she is fully downloaded with all the higher energies she needs to be of assistance to all beings who are awakening or are themsleves transitioning into the fullness of their authentic selves. We chose her because she has the gift of keeping things simple. She has connections through her own multi-dimensional selves to the pure clear energies of the highest realms, beyond the lower worlds of form and can translate these into simple but profound information to assist you and uplift you on your path. She also has the power of her voice by way of sacred tones and light language to facilitate the transmutation of your DNA which has been corrupted through the many eons of inteference and mainuplation by those with other agendas than ours. We are beings of the light, the pure organic light from the highest level of Creation.

We are very happy to introduce this new phase of Patty’s service which begins with the release of our book “Walking the Path of Light – Becoming a Co-Creator” which can be found here on this site. This is itself a co- creation and we think it wiil be of assistance to you. At the same time we are creating many other blogs to be released here and on our exciting new site – but that is another story. These are quite new in style and format and each deals with a topic of critical important to you all at this time. The first of these will follow very soon.

There is much talk about us – the ET’s ( we do not like this name as we prefer to be called star beings but know some call us by this title). For we are not Extra but Intra-Terrestials. We are you dear ones. We are the mostly unrecognised aspects of yourselves co-existing with you in time and space and in other dimensions.

We announce our presence each time you have an emergent or creative impulse that seemingly comes from nowhere but creates an enhanced awareness or a new high frequency creation. Your innovators and entrepreneurs tap into our awareness on an almost daily basis – as indeed do each of you.

Until the next time we meet – remember you are loved.

From the Galactic Guidance Team



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