How do you know the Galactic Beings are who they say they are? A personal response to a readers question.

PIA12151This week I had a comment on my website asking for my personal response to the following question

“I wanted to ask you how do you know that the beings you channel are in fact who they say they are? Could they be false light beings? Also how do you know your galactic origins for sure?” .

As I felt this is a genuine and important matter to discuss I offer my own personal response.
I am not a trance channel but like other every human being I am a multidimensional and magnificent being of divine origin. Some aspects of my multi-dimensional self are of galactic origin and through them, like anyone else, when my connection is active, I am able to receive unlimited wisdom. Like many other Starseeds and Lightworkers I am aware of this fact.
How do I know this is all real? Please read on…
This is difficult to describe in 3rd dimensional terms within the duality consciousness that is characteristic of the 3rd dimension. It is my absolute belief that many people if not everyone incarnated on Earth and on a conscious spiritual path at this time are receiving multi-dimensional messages including from galactic beings but as their self concept does not stretch this far and their vibrational level is not high enough, they remain unconscious of the truth of who they really are.
Using the term Starseeds also complicates the picture as science has now agreed that there are extraterrestrial elements present in our DNA. So from this perspective we are all Starseeds. Where I do feel the term is useful is to describe those people who have a deep and irrefutable CONSCIOUS conviction that they are here from somewhere else and they have an important mission to fulfil. This feeling may or may not be supported by visions, messages, direct encounters, major life changes etc. Or it may be an unshakeable inner knowing without any visible external signs.
Certain astrological configurations have been located repeatedly in the charts of Starseeds (more info here). Starseeds tend to recognise each other, sometimes feeling profound family connections that may trigger past-life memories of being together both off the planet and in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, France, North or South America and many other places on the planet.
In working one on one with Starseeds it is very clear to me that if we all redefine ourselves in terms of the marvelous complex beings of light we really are such conversations as this would not need to take place. Most people I have met in through private sessions are only one step from full awareness of who they are. Some time ago in an important message from the Arcturians about this was channelled by a highly respected Arcturian channel Dr Suzanne Lie. The main premise is that we humans need to reset our point of perception in the 5th dimension so we consciously see ourselves as we are. (connect to Dr Lie’s site here).
The other point here is that once a person has cleared themselves of lower energetic patterns and blockages the level of light that can be held increases markedly. Contact can only be made with higher beings once a person’s ‘light quotient’ or light content within their light bodies is high enough. Higher beings have a limited ability come down into the 3rd dimensional density to meet us we must rise to meet them.
How do I know the beings are in fact who they say they are?
I have received direct ‘contact’ from Arcturians and Pleiadians. I am also regularly in contact with my Higher Self and often other higher beings including Ascended Masters Archangels and beings from Sirius and Lyra are present too as a team or group consciousness. This is an evolving process for me and I take great care not to make claims I cannot prove. What is important to me is the energy present (see below)
With the Arcturians and Pleiadians, for example I can say with certainty, that they each have a completely different frequency and every encounter is completely filled with love, encouragement practicality and wisdom. Each of them has provided assistance to me in different ways. The Arcturians are family members from my last incarnation and have spent many years at my side assisting me with shadow work, major life events and bringing forth my gifts. They have been seen by those with the gift to do so and felt by me as a strong and loving presence. I have faithfully documented these encounters and they will form another book. They wait to be invited as they scrupulously respect the universal rules about non-intervention and our free will. They long ago asked me to write for Starseeds to assist and support their awakening and I have done this with the direct assistance of the Pleiadians.
The Pleiadians are the orchestrators of many programs, bloodlines, experiments and projects on the planet. They have been helping me to implement my own work and gathera people they want to work with directly. They are closest in form to us and understand completely what it is like to be working towards Ascension with a human body. They are very wise, warm, fun loving and completely supportive.
Although I have separated my descriptions of the Arcturians and Pleidians I experience them now as part of a merged consciousness the name of which has been given to me recently as my Galactic Guidance Team whose membership varies according to the task at hand.
How do I know they are not ‘false light beings’?
• Every encounter is for my highest good and that of the people I work with.
• Love floods every moment they are present.
• They have an encyclopaedic knowledge of what is needed to facilitate the building of the New Earth and what I need to do to fulfil my special role.
• They never interfere but allow me to make my own mistakes and learn from them.
• They always bring a higher view of whatever is going on.
• There is never any hint of any other ‘agenda’ at play, but only the sense that there is a huge picture we are only barely aware of but growing into.
• When I am working in a private session they come out clearly and always provide positive insights and support to the client.
• They have given me a template to work with that creates a safe and loving environment.
• Everything they tell me works. They have also been very specific about the kind of work they will/will not do for example no ‘psychic readings’. The reason they give for this is that people need to take personal responsibility in every moment and it is dis-empowering to ask what to do about everyday challenges. (This can in itself be a challenge for me to explain!).
• There is never one moment of feeling manipulated or managed, just loved and supported.
• When I do not feel them present it is either because my vibrational level has dropped or I have not invited them to come in or both. I am not a seer but feel their presence acutely.
What do I think about the notions of “false light beings, luciferian psy-ops and upgraded New Age programmes”?
There has always been interference by the dark forces including false light beings and that certainly many unsuspecting people have been taken in. In the energies of the New Earth since 21/12/12 this will wane as more people become empowered enough to move beyond dark energy into the 5th dimension. The continuing and apparent darkness on the Earth can also be viewed as the final outplay as the darkness is cleared. Personally I do not give my attention to the dark forces (as drawing attention to them will empower them) but maintain informed detachment from their influence, and remain in the light as much as I can.
The most important lessons in this context for anyone on a spiritual path are protection, discernment, grounding and self empowerment. You will find more on these and other relevant topics in my Ebook “Step Up Into Your Starseed Shoes”. You can find it Here. The more a person resolves their own shadow self issues the more they can discern and feel anything that it not truth or in divine order. We have our own infallible internal systems that starting with checking them out from within the wisdom of our own heart. Look from your heart at the outcomes and output of a person or group “By their fruits shall you know them”.

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  1. Patty I resonate and agree with all you have said above. There is a ‘knowingness’ when we are connected to our Galactic family and such an intense feeling of unconditional love xxx

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