“Keep it Simple Starseeds” – The Pleiadians on Disclosure


Dear ones we are your brothers and sisters of the Pleiadian Council of Light and we wish to give you a simple perspective on what you call disclosure as this is a very current topic both on your planet and for the Starseeds. We are all delighted to see that the truth is now coming out in relation to the contact between the Galactic councils of all kinds from many dimensions and the beings of Terra (Earth)

It is long overdue to bring forth this information into the public domain of your societies. Dear ones this is only the beginning of a long road. There are still many active forces within Earth which will try to hijack and commercialise our presence and our many technologies to a whole new level. There was a message in your media yesterday where a multinational company is trying to patent a seed of a plant considered a weed in many parts of the world (Nestle and fennel seed – Nigella Sativa). Imagine the potential for exploitation that will exist once we become perceived as public property. This is but one example of an enormous potential for new challenges.

We have of course anticipated this potential. This is why we have planted our own seeds – the Starseeds who have the galactic DNA in their earth bodies and their love for us deep in their hearts. We have been disclosing our higher knowledge and awareness through human consciousness for a very long time into your thinkers and scientists from all fields of human activity. The movement of their work into the mainstream has now progressed from a trickle through a flow that will become a raging torrent in the near future.

You will see now why it is so important that you, the Starseeds step up into your role of assisting in the activation of the millions of other Starseed beings on your planet. Many of these hold the keys to the implementation of the next steps in your divine co-creation of the New Earth.

Each of you has a unique role to play and as you integrate your higher bodies with your multi-dimensional selves you become a conduit for the higher levels of light particles from the galactic centre. Thus your presence in your societies undertaking your own work whatever that maybe will assist the activation of your brothers and sisters. This process can quickly become viral as it also affects those they are connected to.

Remember too that what is happening to you all is very complex and not able to be understood within the third dimensional paradigm of separation consciousness that governs your world. This is why we encourage you to learn to think with and from your heart where Unity Consciousness has an outpost. In this way you can remain in the space of the simplicity of the Truth that all is well and in divine order.

Breathe in the light and love of the Creator with every breath you take and remember that WE ARE ALL ONE now and forever.

Adonai dearly beloved souls.

 The Pleidian Council of Light



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