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Do you realize that we are all Starseeds? From the dawning of time there have been many interventions by Galactic beings here on Planet Earth in order to assist the evolution of the Human race into the fulfillment of its Divine purpose.  At this time however there are unprecedented numbers of Starseeds and other Galactic Beings choosing to be here to assist with the great dimensional shift that is now happening. If this is YOU and you are confused about the next step this Ebook is for you.

This book is concise and packed with information for newly awakening Starseeds and Galactics or those of you who have forgotten either who you are or what needs to be done to raise your vibration and take up your Divine Mission. NOW is the time!

Topics include:  Who are we Really?  Discernment – the most important spiritual Lesson, Timing and Rites of Passage, FAQ for Starseeds, Keeping on Track, What about Karma? Self-Empowerment, Starseed Self-Care, Disclosure and much more. There are also many resources and links to important Starseed/Galactic sites. Each of us is unique so need different pieces of the puzzle to be able to co-create our own Mission with the ever present help of our Galactic Families.

Listen to the interview on Starseed Radio Academy on Blogtalk Radio

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 Book cover Walking the Path of Light - Becoming a Co-Creator NEW!! “Walking the Path of Light – Becoming a Co-Creator”   see menu for more information and sample chapter. Only US $9.99. You can print this book easily and use it as a reference or workbook.



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2 thoughts on “Purchase Ebooks

  1. Hey, Patty! Just heard you on the Starseed Academy radio show; I like to listen to shows while I glaze my pottery. Loved the sound of your voice! You sound so familiar, like a sister. I also listened to the show where people shared their experiences from the Crystal Quest and wept tears of joy when I heard their voices. Arielle did my chart and said I have the star markings (which I already knew) and I’m saving to go on Fall trip. Anyway, I wanted to Congratulate you for publishing your book! Just bought it and am printing it out now. AWESOME! I’ve been writing a novel about Ascension with two of my Soul Sparks, one from the Pleaides and the other from the Council of 9. Started it in Jan. 2009 and still working on it. It’s really fun and I love the characters so much. They are like other pieces of me living in other times and dimensions. So, I know what it’s like to work really hard on something and am so proud and happy for you to get yours out there to help other Starseeds! Oh, just remembered something else, I’ve met MANY awesome awakened Aussies through Etsy, they buy my crop circle pots and pay to have them shipped all the way to Oz. They are so wonderful! You are in good company. Love to you, dear Sister!

    • Hi Diana.
      Thanks for the comments they were very uplifting and inspiring. Our soul family awareness grows all the time and the feelings are so deep as we all recognize each other. I’ll contact you personally soon.
      Blessings and love Patty

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