Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Spiritual Guidance Session – with the Galactic Guidance Team

Special rate of US$80.00 for at least 45 minutes with a Skype recording sent to you.

What is a Spiritual Guidance Session?

A conversation with my Galactic Guidance Team who are loving beings from Arcturus, the Pleiades Sirius and many other places. You will be embraced by their energies and under the guidance of your Higher Self be gently led into your next step whatever that may be. You will learn about your own self sabotaging energy blocks and how to release them so you can hold more light and become clearer about your own Divine mission.

What is not part of the session?

The session is not for the purpose of prediction or telling you what to do as this is dis-empowering and may infringe your freewill. It is all about empowering yourself and moving into the your own sacred space so you can be the multi-dimensional being of light you truly are.

Contact me here and we can arrange a session time.

Payment can be made through Paypal or your credit card.

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Guidance Sessions

  1. Thank-you Patty for such a great session, you’re doing a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you. The messages that came through were so poignant and are still being confirmed. I’m looking forward to keeping contact with you X P.S. I read your book and it really hits the nail on the head with the right info I will definitely be recommending it to any Starseeds I come across……Love and Light!

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